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On 21st of April 2024, exactly a week ago, Gukesh became the new World Championship Challenger by winning the FIDE Candidates 2024. Doing this at the age of 17 he has become the youngest ever Challenger to the ultimate throne, surpassing Garry Kasparov's feat by close to 3 years! If Gukesh's wins the World Championship Match in November 2024, he will become the youngest ever World Champion in the history of the sport. In this newsletter I want to talk about the people who have played a massive role in Gukesh's growth as a chess player and have helped him excel at the sport.

1. Gukesh's self confidence (himself):

He belonged right there! Not even for a moment did I feel that Gukesh was trying to make himself feel comfortable in the tournament. It was just another tournament for him. This self confidence that Gukesh has within himself cannot be faked. It is something that he has developed over the years and during the Candidates tournament it held him in good stead.

Photo: Michal Walusza

2. Rajinikanth - Gukesh's father:

Gukesh's father Rajinikanth accompanied him to the tournament. But over the years if you see, he has evolved his role. He now ensures that Gukesh gets the best possible environment to be in the right mindset. He has very few opinions. He makes sure that he trusts Gukesh. A good example of this was when in the final round Gukesh had drawn his game against Nakamura and the game Fabi vs Nepo was going on. The FIDE officials were keen for Gukesh to stay back in VIP room until the results were announced, but Gukesh was keen to go back to the hotel. Rajinikanth very carefully heard what Gukesh wanted and made it happen. 

3. Padma Kumari - Gukesh's mother:

Ever since Gukesh got into the Candidates, which was at the end of 2023, there was one person who believed that Gukesh has excellent chances to win the Candidates and that was his mother. It always helps when you have someone who believes in your abilities deeply and is someone whom you can always go back to in case you lose your belief in yourself. For Gukesh it was his mother. After losing to Alireza Firouzja mid-way through the tournament, Gukesh spoke with his mother and it fired him up, putting him in the best mental shape he could be.

4. Current main trainer Grzegorz Gajewski:

Gajewski was a long-time second of Vishy Anand. A couple of years ago, he decided to dedicate all his efforts to Gukesh's growth. This was a very interesting switch. It was clear that Gajewski had learnt a lot from being the second of 5-time World Champion Vishy Anand. But what was very critical for Gajewski to understand was that Gukesh was a different player as compared to Anand. While his experience was going to be useful, he needed to change his methods. And this he did admirably. One of the things that Gajewski mentions is how their entire preparation for the Candidates didn't revolve just around openings. And it was clear from Gukesh's play. He wasn't getting the best novelties in. But he was going for these little new ideas in the openings that would ensure that his opponents were not in their preparation.

Photo: Maria Emelianova

5. Sponsor Sandeep Singhal and WestBridge:

Traditionally one has imagined the relationship of a sponsor and a player to be one where the sponsor gives the money and resources and the player benefits out of it and the sponsor benefits out of the eyeballs received. In Gukesh's case, this is quite different. Sandeep Singhal, the co-founder of WestBridge Capital came to the tournament venue to check Gukesh's games while the event was in the progress. During the 8th round win against Vidit, he stood in the balcony almost watching the entire game and enjoying in thoroughly. When the 13th round ended, he booked a flight from New York to Toronto, just so that he could attend the final round and the closing ceremony. This relationship that Gukesh shares with his sponsor is truly beautiful. It shows how invested Sandeep is in the journey of the youngster.

Photo: Maria Emelianova

6. Long time trainer Vishnu Prasanna:

Many people say that Gukesh is mature beyond his years. At the age of 17 years, he doesn't seem like someone who is 17. His depth of thinking is immense. One of the persons who has contributed massively to this is his long time trainer Vishnu Prasanna. Gukesh and Vishnu met each other nearly 6-7 years when Gukesh was rating around 2200. From there they have been together till date. During their training sessions, Vishnu would not just speak with Gukesh about the chess aspects of play, but they would also discuss the psychological elements of chess. This led to Gukesh developing a deep understanding of psychological elements of the game and this has in turn translated into his fearless approach on the chess board.

7. Mentors Vishy and Aruna Anand:

A lot has been spoken about Vishy Anand and his contribution to Indian chess. However, in Gukesh's case it can be mapped 1-1. Right from supporting him through the training of WACA, to ensuring that he works with Gajewski, to giving him those little nuggets of advice at the right time, Vishy has played a key role in the development of Gukesh as a player. Aruna Anand, Vishy's wife and long-time manager is the go-to person for Rajinikanth (Gukesh's dad) whenever he has difficult situations to surmount. It goes without saying that when it comes to the World Championship Match, the help of Aruna will be invaluable.

8. Velammal School:

This is not a person, it's an institution. It's the place where Gukesh went to study for the first 5 grades. But then he stopped going to school as chess took up a major chunk of his time. The Velammal school has always been understanding of this fact that Gukesh's interest and passion lay in chess. They let him pursue it in full throttle mode. Not only did they give him exemptions from attending school or examinations, they took the next step by supporting his chess journey financially. It does not come as a surprise that the Velammal school has more than 10 Grandmasters of Indian chess who have studied there, and the number is only going to keep growing.

To have a career like Gukesh, it is clear that there will be a lot more people who have contributed positively to his journey. However, the current team of his parents, trainers, sponsor and mentors is a very closely knit one. It creates the right environment for him to go for his goals without having to worry about things off the board. If you are a chess player then you can try to surround yourself with the right set of people like Gukesh has done. It would help you to give your 100% on the board. And if you are a chess parent who is reading this, then it makes sense to create the right environment for your child so that they can excel at something they love. - Sagar Shah

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