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Since a long time I have a concept in my head! It's called the Temple of Chess. It's basically to create a space where people can come at any point in the day (it's open on all 7 days and from 8 a.m. to lets say 11 p.m.) and play chess. There are books so people can use it like a library and there are machines where they can access different chess websites to improve and grow. 

Reddit user u/joeldick shares a photo of his chess book collection. Imagine something like this with modern machines where you can work on your chess!

It's like a temple - everyone who loves chess is welcome! When we started the chess club at Phoenix Marketcity mall in Mumbai, this was something that I wanted to do there. But the mall has its restrictions. And so we got a rented place recently (1st of June) and we want to launch this concept.

I have been thinking about the nuances more deeply. What do we want to build here? Should we charge the people who come there or should it be open and free for each one to decide what they would like to pay. Should there be regular training sessions or learning should happen through informal means!

In the Big Chess Summer Camp, learning was free for one and all via training sheets. The Chess Temple will also have such a setup, with loads of material available from which people can pick and choose! 

With the Temple of Chess I am hoping to create the right atmosphere for people to come together, learn, and grow at chess. Values of sharing and caring which are so important for the whole of humanity are given the most importance here. Who knows if this does well, we could very well have such wonderful temples of chess in many cities of the country!

What is your take on the temple of chess? What would be the ideal way to build it according to you? I look forward to your feedback! - Sagar Shah


Magnus Carlsen is the clear winner of 12th Norway Chess, Praggnanandhaa third

"Hello India, I am Magnus Carlsen. I am going to win Norway Chess." - Magnus Carlsen (NOR) said this before the start of 12th Norway Chess 2024. He made his prediction come true. Yes of course he is undoubtedly that good. For the sixth time the World no.1 won this iconic tournament in his home country. His previous wins were - 2016, 2017, 2019, 2020 and 2021. In the final round, he drew the Classical game against Fabiano Caruana (USA). He won Armageddon to become a clear champion 17.5/30. Hikaru Nakamura (USA) finished second 15.5/30, despite losing the final round against Praggnanadhaa via Armageddon. Praggnanandhaa finished third 14/30. Photos: Abhyudaya Ram

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One of the most effective ways to improve your chess understanding is to know where your pieces belong and how to adapt when the board situation changes. When there’s no forced tactics, one must formulate a plan for what to do. Instead of looking for a win or advantage, it’s often easier to identify a piece that can improve its position and function. Even improving your worst piece is a simple concept that avoids assessment insecurity.

And who better to learn from, than one of the best trainers in the world? RB Ramesh has trained thousands of chess players including the top players in the world. He’s the trainer of rising Indian prodigy Praggnanandhaa, and he helps many improving Indian Juniors attain the highest level. He has carefully selected examples that underline the importance of regrouping your pieces and giving you rules of thumb which are easy to remember - in this 4+ hour video course!

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Wenjun Ju wins the inaugural Norway Chess Women 2024

Wenjun Ju (CHN) defeated Tingjie Lei (CHN) in the final round to win the inaugural Norway Chess Women 2024 with a score 19/30. However, more than the result, how it happened was surprising. Tingjie did not lose a single Classical game until Round 10. Even the commentators mentioned that she put up almost little resistance in the battle against the reigning Women's World Champion. Perhaps the cerebral effect of losing the World Championship Match last year. Who knows? Anna Muzychuk (UKR) crushed Koneru Humpy in Armageddon to become a clear second 16/30. Tingjie finished third 14.5/30, Vaishali fourth 12.5/30. Photos: Abhyudaya Ram


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World Junior 2024 R6: Divya Deshmukh emerges sole leader

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Neelash Saha wins a double for the second consecutive year at LBHM Chess Festival 2024

IM Neelash Saha, GM Diptayan Ghosh, IM Aronyak Ghosh and IM Ratnakaran K scored 8/9 each at 10th LBHM Rating Open 2024 part of Late Bharatbai Halkude Memorial LBHM Chess Festival 2024. Neelash won the tournament due to better tie-break score. The remaining three were placed second to fourth respectively. Neelash drew against both runners-up, Diptayan an Aronyak in ninth and seventh round respectively. The total prize fund of the entire festival was ₹3024234, for Classical Rating tournament it was ₹1299111. The top three prizes were ₹150000, ₹100111 and ₹50000 along with a trophy each respectively. Neelash also won the 13th LBHM Blitz Rating Open 2024. Both him and Aronyak scored an unbeaten 8.5/9 each. They secured top two places. IM Ratnakaran K scored 8/9 to secure third place. These are Neelash's fifth and sixth tournament triumph of the year, five of them were rated.

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Romanian Chess Federation invites you to play at Romania Grand Prix 2024

Romanian Chess Federation started Romania Grand Prix in 2022 with the objective of providing young Romanian players to play in strong tournaments in their home country. The federation has made great efforts to make Romania as the new European Chess Capital. The total prize fund in the entire GP 2024 is €175000, €30000 for each of thefive Grand Prix events and €25000 for the Finals. GM Shant Sargsyan (ARM) won the first leg in Bucharest on 24th March. There are still four more legs left. The second leg will be held at Cluj-Napoca on 13th and 14th June. A total of 290 players including 20 GMs, 11 IMs and 3 WGMs have registered from 16 countries across the world. That's not all, you will get to play in the same arena as Steffi Graf and Andre Agassi. The VIP guest will be Vishy Anand. So register now if you have not yet. Photo: Federația Română de Șah

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